Charity Retail Association - When the charity shop came to town

over 2 years agoFebruary 19, 2018
This is the first time I have seen something about a charity shop,
Be good if there was more like help with what they throw away in the Large waste biffa? Bins it gets crushed and then its no use
over 2 years agoMarch 1, 2018
I hear what you are saying Paul, I am a charity shop manager & have 28 years experience. Over the years what we now have to dispose of is far greater than it used to be. There are different reasons for this, firstly we are governed more strictly now by H&S regulations regarding what we can & can not sell In different areas some local authorities charge the public to use refuse centres & people frequently try & donate items to charity shops rather than go to "the dump". Items such as large heavy curtains, used pillows & duvets were formally sold to rag merchants , this is now not possible as the rag merchants are no longer able to sell them on. The amount of broken toys or incomplete toys are a nightmare & we get lots albeit that some donors assure us that they are fine or complete. We as charities do our best to ensure we sell whatever we can & so not like to accept items that we have to throw away, we also have to pay for this facility. We unfortunately live in a society where lots of people "sue" ..where there is a blame...... We therefore have to ensure our items are safe & fit for purpose,. We all want to make as much as possible for our chosen charities & people turning up to donate the left over & unsold items from car boot sales, stained curtains && bedding or faulty toys sadly fill our bins & take away vital funds. So please when you see a bin at the back of a charity shop, think how much it costs us to dispose of the items & how much of that inside  the bin is dirty & soiled . We ( the charity I work for & many others) also recycle separately, plastics, metals,furniture & electrics to save them from going into landfill......
over 2 years agoFebruary 19, 2018

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